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Stair Nosing







Cleartread Safety Stair Nosings are made from quality materials designed for all specifications from commercial to domestic applications such as home units, office blocks and general public areas. Stair nosings not only help extend the life of a stair but also greatly reduce the risk of slip hazard, mitigating possibility of injury to persons and thus avoiding any unnecessary liability claims. 

Cleartread nosings are manufactured from quality aluminium with highly durable non slip carborundum crystal infills that are permanently bonded to a sturdy aluminium base which come in single and four channels and are available in a broad range of colours such as black, yellow and grey to suite any substrate. Stair nosing with a tapered profile can be fitted after a floor has been laid, and can also be fitted retrospectively to existing stairs virtually on any substrate for upgrading or refurbishing existing stairs. 

Cleartread nosings are designed to meet current Australian standards and also fulfil the need for safety edging where no floor covering is installed, making it ideal for fitting over concrete, pavers, stone, timber and other solid surfaces.

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