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Manufactured in Australia from new generation long lasting UV stable polymer.


Pads Measure 300mm x 300mm, and have a protrusion height of 5mm, the maximum to ensure longevity and optimum anti-slip designed to conform with the Australian Standards.


Installation is quick and easy. Pads are fixed to the substrate via a premium self-adhesive tar backing to ensure long lasting retention to all substrates including concrete, timber, and other non oil surfaces.

Quick Fit System






Black, Grey, Yellow, Terracotta, Beige, White, Blue

300 PolyPad: Our Integrated Tactile Pads are Australian made and manufactured from durable UV stable Flexible polyurethane designed to be used in both interior and exterior applications in high and low traffic areas across a broad range of substrates. This results in a product that will not crack or fade over time. 300 Polypads are supplied with a super strong PSA peel and stick backing and can be quickly installed to provide a cost effective means of conforming to the Australian standards and National Construction Code requirements.

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm. Colours:  Black, Grey, Yellow, Terracotta and Ivory

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