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Stair Nosing Sydney

We Supply and Install Various Types of Stair Nosing in Sydney

The majority of people walk up and down stairways without a second thought about their action. Little do they know that the design of the step is a crucial factor that makes the difference between landing your feet safely and slipping. The place where your feet contact the staircase is the nosing. It’s vital that you select the ideal stair nosing in Sydney to offer as much traction as possible so that people confidently take on a flight of stairs without the fear of slipping. Clearview Tactiles supplies and installs stair tread nosing to existing and new buildings. 

Benefits of Anti-Slip Nosing

A staircase is potentially hazardous if you haven’t installed a stair nose. Children and elderly citizens are most prone to slipping or missing a step because there’s nothing to highlight the end of the stair and beginning of the next. In an industrial and commercial setting, a water, chemical or grease spill compromises the material of the staircase and increases the risk of an accident. For this reason, you should consider fitting rubber stair nosing. 

  • The primary advantage of adding stair nosing is the increase in safety. You will find the nosing slightly protruding over the tread of the stair which creates extra space, albeit a little, allowing for your foot to fit comfortably while walking up or down. Taller people require this extra piece on which to place their feet safely, but the nosing assists people in distinguishing the end of step from the start of the next. As a result, the rate of slips and falls decreases drastically. 
  • The edge of a step is the region that receives the most foot traffic. As such, the material that supports the stair treads in Sydney must be durable and able to withstand a heavy workload. People pick up various objects that may attach to the bottom of their shoes. If there are no stair noses, the stair tread remains open to severe damage. Installing a metal stair nosing supports the stair treads and absorbs the damage. With a stair nose installation, you’re taking care of the longevity of your staircase. 
  • Modern buildings have staircases that contain different materials such as wood, ceramic tiles, cement and concrete. Stair nosings protect these surfaces and promote the safety of the people who use them. Investing in these measures is a cost-effective decision for any operation. Instead of wasting money on accident claims and higher insurance premiums, taking these precautions demonstrates that it’s a wise investment. As a result, you can focus your energy on generating an income and matters that require your skills. 

How to Get More Value from Aluminium Stair Nosings

Deciding to equip a staircase with the appropriate nosings is a step in the right direction. After your initial investment, it’s up to you and your staff to preserve the condition of the rubber stair treads to gain the maximum value from the installation. Implement these procedures to increase the longevity of your anti-slip nosings. 

  • Cleaning the staircase mainly depends on the frequency at which people use it—if you don’t experience large volumes of traffic, then sweeping the stairs once a week will suffice. However, commercial buildings have a reputation for withstanding unlimited traffic and require continual cleaning to prevent the build-up of dirt and grease. 
  • Before you take matters into your own hands, it’s wise to consult the contractor who installed the nosings for you or find the information in the manufacturer’s manual. Depending on the type of anti-slip measures you install, there is a recommendation from the producers regarding the cleaning process. You can’t use ordinary cleaning agents on certain materials. 
  • Delegate one member of your cleaning staff to regularly inspect the condition of the nosings. It’s common to find wear and tear becoming visible, and that’s unavoidable. To ensure you’re maintaining the safety standards you initially set and create a secure environment, you must replace the nosings and avoid extensive repair charges. 

What You Should Know About Tactile Strips

There are approximately more than one billion people around the world, with some form of visual impairment. Some of those issues are moderate, and doctors correct it by prescribing spectacles while others are completely blind. In Australia alone, there are around 330,000 people who are visually impaired, blind or their eyesight is waning. We use tactiles to primarily assist people to manoeuvre their way around various spaces, notifying them of obstacles nearby. 

  • Tactiles are available in two varieties – warning and directional. We install the former in areas where there is a potential hazard such as staircases, ramps, escalators, railway platforms, and bus stops. The latter deals with providing visually impaired people with direction and guiding them along a safe route. You can find these near public transport hubs and pedestrian crossings. 
  • There are several types of tactiles ranging from stainless steel to plastic or ceramic finishes. You can acquire them individually or in the form of mats which installation in a vast area more convenient. The colours available provide a contrast to the colour of the floor surface, allowing pedestrians to walk through confidently without slipping. 
  • Governments and corporations can install tactiles to demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe space and treating visually impaired people equally. When you consider fitting these safety measures in older properties, you make the area safer, reducing the risk of accidents while promoting patronage from people with visual and other impairments. 

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Anti-Slip Tape

After installing non-slip stair treads on your property, you can be confident that you’ve completed your duty as the building manager. Consequently, patrons and other people using the facilities have the comfort of anti-slip measures to ensure they won’t slip and injure themselves. However, property managers around the country make the mistake of neglecting those measures, which could eventually lead to expensive emergencies. 

  • Safety tape offers an unprecedented level of grip largely thanks to the grit on its surface. Its continued exposure to high foot traffic will result in debris and other dirt trapping itself in the material of the tape. If you leave it unattended, the problem won’t disappear, and the performance of the anti-slip tape will dwindle. It’s imperative to inspect the tape regularly to ensure dirt doesn’t affect its primary task. 
  • You can’t treat this surface as you would any kitchen or bathroom floor. The material of the tape is abrasive. However, in an attempt to clean the traction tape and restore it to its former glory, people make the mistake of using traditional mops, rags and floor buffers. Naturally, the tape will shred fibrous materials causing a considerable mess. Instead, opt for a nylon brush. Nylon is the ideal material to weave its way into the peaks of the tape while being strong enough to withstand the abrasion. 
  • Reaching for the indoor, chemical cleaners for the anti-slip tape is not advised. The chemicals in those liquids are too harsh for the material and will corrode the tape. It may not occur instantly, but after using a harsh detergent, the chemicals slowly compromise the integrity of the tape. Repeating this process won’t do you any favours, and you may soon find yourself replacing the safety tape. You can use plain water which will suffice, however, if you’re not comfortable, source a mild detergent with a low concentration of chemicals to use on the traction tape. 

After you’ve cleaned the tape, ensure the area is completely dry before allowing people to step on it. Neglecting surface liquid increases the risk of slipping. 

What to Expect from Clearview Tactiles Regarding Non-Slip Flooring in Sydney

We have quickly developed a reputation for being a leader in the industry and maintain this by continuously delivering exceptional results. We supply and install tactile indicators, stair nosings, entrance matting, anti-slip decking and car park accessories throughout Sydney, NSW and ACT. 

  • Providing an all-round service is one of our core values. We begin with the design aspect then furnish you with an estimate and complete the project until you’re satisfied. With the experience we’ve gained through the years, we meet any objective in front of us. We believe it is our service and flexibility that sets us apart from the competition. Our uncompromising standard on both products and installation guarantees your peace of mind. 
  • We focus on product quality and as such, ensure that we test our products to meet Australian and New Zealand standards. We issue a certificate of compliance upon completion of every project and couple that with a warranty. 
  • Since the items we install improve the safety of your building, it’s not something we take lightly. As such, our team always works with their essential safety clothing, materials, and equipment. They attend the OHS induction and training to work on a building site legally. We will always be identifiable with our uniform. Furthermore, we acknowledge the risks involved in working on a construction site and have instituted Worker’s Compensation and Public Liability insurances. 

About Clearview Tactiles

We’ve been in the industry for over ten years but our Director, Max Dellacorte, has had more than 15 years of experience in this sector. We are proud to stock a massive catalogue of products that cater to various scenarios. During our decade of operating, we’ve had the privilege of conducting work for some influential organisations including the Australian Post Headquarters, Cannon Australia Headquarters, Google Headquarters Sydney, and the Fairfax Media Headquarters Sydney to mention a few. 

For a comprehensive, reliable service, contact us to ensure your building is safe to use. 

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All products meet current Australian Standard AS NZS 1428.4.1 – 2009 minimum luminance contrast and anti-slip requirements for access and mobility designed to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment.