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Everything you need to know about adding tactiles in Sydney

Is your property appropriately equipped with tactiles in Sydney? Now a requirement for all new build construction and during property refurbishment, tactile surface indicators have an important role to play in making your property as safe and navigable as possible for all kinds of people. However, just because you face a mandate to install them does not mean you lose the opportunity to control how TGSI works with the look of your property. With help from an experienced supplier with access to a diverse array of products, you can meet regulatory requirements while creating a functional and elegant space both in and out of doors.

At Clearview Tactiles, we bring years of experience to the table for our commercial partners who need to acquire mandatory safety features, from tactile indicators to stair grips. With a proven team of professionals and a practised understanding of design and installation, we believe we can deliver both excellent results at the right price point. Before requesting a tender submission for an upcoming project, learn more about why you need to invest in these installations, how we stand out, and what we do to achieve good results for every client.

What is the Purpose of Tactile Pads?

The mandatory nature of adding tactile features to floors and stairs means many commercial operators don’t think about them beyond adding them to a to-do list. However, some older properties still do not have these features. Why is this hardware a requirement, and why should you consider adding it regardless of obligations?

  • Tactile pads provide a physical indication of nearby hazards, changing surface elevations, and other potential dangers to the visually impaired. Those who use canes to guide themselves through public spaces feel these bumps on the ground and use them to avoid dangers, such as falling down stairs or slipping off a kerb. 
  • When given bright and visible colours, such pads provide more a physical reminder to watch out for hazards. For those who have weak vision, the colour changes serve as a helpful indicator to watch one’s step.
  • Although not their intended purpose, these pads can prove useful for the sighted as well. In an age when we’re more preoccupied with our phones than ever, tactile changes can alert pedestrians to changes in their surroundings before an accident occurs.

The Importance of Non-Slip Stair Treads

At Clearview Tactiles, stair nosings and treads are another core component of our capabilities. Now also required, these installations are crucial for any property with stairs but especially for those with a large number of staircases. What makes them a smart investment?

  • Nosings protect the most vulnerable part of each step, the edge, from repeated footfalls that wear it down over time. Although a secondary purpose, nosings are a simple and cost-effective way to protect your stairs from wear and tear.
  • Non-slip treads work together with the shoes of pedestrians to create a “grip” that prevents slick conditions from becoming unnecessarily dangerous. Not only are falls down wet stairs more likely to result in an injury, but they could also create a liability for your business. Meeting compliance obligations by installing them also aids in protecting property owners from this type of risk.

What Sets Clearview Tactiles Apart Regarding TGSI?

Understanding your obligations and the exacting standards established for these products in Australia makes it clear that an experienced service provider is necessary to achieve compliance. Why is our business the right choice for the job?

  • We’ve been around for more than ten years, during which time we’ve perfected our process for installing stainless steel tactile indicators. Our team has a clear understanding of how to plan and execute your project appropriately.
  • We’re well-known for achieving a faster turnaround time. As a leaner and more agile team, Clearview Tactiles can complete a design specification, procure the appropriate hardware, and install it faster than many others. Tick this item off your to-do checklist quickly and confidently with our help. 
  • We have a complete AZ/NZS certification. Trust that your chosen team has the skills to ensure compliance in this important area.

What to Expect From Us Regarding Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and attentiveness when on the job. When we submit a tender for your project, what should you anticipate? What about the actual installation process once our team arrives on-site? Let’s explore what you should expect:

  • A thorough review of your site and the areas requiring tactile pads. During this review, we’ll establish what modifications you need and where every tactile mat should go. 
  • A clear look at all your options, from brass tactile indicators to stainless steel and matte rubber solutions. With (many options from which to choose), it’s not always easy to know what will look best. Rely on our experience for a clearer view of the right answer.
  • Detailed tenders and rapid execution upon acceptance. When you’re ready to proceed with the job, so are we. We carry out supply and installation without delay once our clients accept a tender.

Key Questions to Ask Our Team About Tactile Paving

Choosing a service provider isn’t something to do based solely on the numbers, as important as they are. We’re always open to conversations with our potential clients about the various types of polyurethane tactile indicators available on the market today. What are some good conversation starters to explore with us?

  • How much choice do I have in the type of rubber tactile mats I use? While the sizing and placement of mats is a matter of standards law, certain colourations and materials options are up to you. Ask us about what you can choose.
  • How long does the installation process take? As seasoned professionals in the construction industry, we know how to arrange our services so that they have a minimal impact on your business. We install all accessories at the same time to eliminate the need for multiple visits. 
  • How long do these installations last? Do I need to maintain them regularly? The good news is that the durable materials and rugged construction of TGSIs makes them extremely long-lasting. In most cases, you will not need to worry about replacement over the long-term, and the only maintenance necessary may be the same periodic cleaning you’d use for any other flooring. 

Services Related to Tactile Mats We Provide

TGSI involving studs and other hardware is not the only thing we provide. As mentioned, we also provide stair slip protection, alongside several other services. Clearview Tactiles can further assist its partners with skills that include:

  • Stair nosing and anti-slip inserts. Make your stairs as safe as possible and achieve the desired look with our dozens of options. Our most popular line-up is an abrasive nosing mat that reduces tracking, while our complete range includes stainless steel, brass, and slimline options to suit any building.
  • Heavy-duty entrance mats. Protect the floor in one of the most high-traffic areas of any business while preventing slips and falls on rainy days. With the added benefit of trapping mud and dirt, you can prevent unwanted grime from making its way into your building too.
  • Car park accessories. When required, we can supply and install many kinds of hardware suitable for car parks, including bollards, wheel stops, and exterior non-slip treads.

Why Clearview Tactiles is a Cost-Effective Choice

Our team has a wealth of experience coordinating on projects with strict budgetary requirements engineered by major corporations. For example, we’re proud of our work on the Sydney headquarters for search giant Google. This track record, combined with our innate flexibility and commitment to quality, enable our teams to achieve excellent outcomes on time and within targets. Learn more about the difference provided by Clearview Tactiles today, or contact us to discuss a tender request. 

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Installation is offered on all our quality products such as 316 marine grade solid one piece Stainless Steel Tactiles, Individual Polyresin Tactiles, Porcelain Tactiles, Integrated Tactile Pads, Entrance Matting, Stair Nosing, and Urban products.


Full Service from design, estimation, through to roll out. Clearview Tactiles makes it easy by packaging together the required products and rolling out the installation at a time that best fits the project schedule. Our team are seasoned construction professionals experienced to meet any objective.


All products meet current Australian Standard AS NZS 1428.4.1 – 2009 minimum luminance contrast and anti-slip requirements for access and mobility designed to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment.