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Secure Your Parking Lots and Property with Our Bollards in Sydney

Whether you want to better funnel traffic or want to protect your property from ramming vehicles, our bollards in Sydney will get the job done. Boasting incredible durability, you know that nothing will get past them. Choose Clearview Tactiles for an extra layer of security. 

Bollards come in a range of sizes and materials such as steel, stainless steel and composites. for more information call us on 1300 884 948

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The Importance of Utilising Our Stainless-Steel Bollards in Sydney

Knowing how our steel bollards help you achieve maximum efficiency is important for when you choose a team. Consider the following ways in which our bollards help you:

  • Bollards require little to no maintenance once installed, which means you pay for them once and can leave them to their job after with no hassle. If maintenance is required, it is usually only to repaint the bollards.
  • Bollards can do a wide range of jobs. It can funnel traffic or pedestrians, prevent ramming-attacks from vehicles, and even double-up as railing posts. Having multiple uses means you get one item that you can move around when necessary while retaining its functionality.
  • Bollards help you save money. They are an effective, yet affordable tool that lasts indefinitely unless seriously damaged. This durability means that once bought, you will most likely get years of functionality out of it.

Whether you need a single item that does multiple jobs, do not want to waste time on maintenance, or want durable products that help your budget go further, we provide it. We can also proudly state that we have better prices and superior quality.

How to Customise Your Order for Steel Bollards in Sydney

Bollards come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and with a wide range of applications. Some bollards keep pedestrians on the right path while others keep ramming vehicles at bay. Depending on what you require, our team can help you find the perfect fit when you give us a call.

Whether you need high-quality bollards, wheel stops, skate deterrents, bike racks, or more, you can always count on Clearview Tactiles to provide superior quality and prices. We also pride ourselves on fast turnaround times so that you can get your equipment on time.

Call us today and tell our professionals more about what kind of bollards you need.


As Shown
4 years (As per Clearview’s Standard Warranty)
Screw/Glue fixed




Clear Anodised


Copy the prewritten specification below and update all sections in brackets to create your project specification.


Car Park Accessories We Can Provide in Addition to Composite Bollards

If you already need bollards, why not consider also adding the following to your arsenal of car park accessories:

– We can provide wheel stops to help you keep vehicles on the right track. These stops are extremely durable and ideal for impact protection. We manufacture them with UV-resistant rubber so that they do not crack or fade over time.

– If you want to keep skateboarders at bay, why not consider our skate deterrent? Made from high quality marine grade stainless steel, these deterrents do not corrode. They also come in dome or nosing tapered options.

– Keeping bicycles where they belong can be difficult without our bike racks. We have a hoop series as well as a multi-bike series so that you can provide the bicycle parking your customers or visitors need.

Example – Typical Specification


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Installation is offered on all our quality products such as 316 marine grade solid one piece Stainless Steel Tactiles, Individual Polyresin Tactiles, Porcelain Tactiles, Integrated Tactile Pads, Entrance Matting, Stair Nosing, and Urban products.


Full Service from design, estimation, through to roll out. Clearview Tactiles makes it easy by packaging together the required products and rolling out the installation at a time that best fits the project schedule. Our team are seasoned construction professionals experienced to meet any objective.


All products meet current Australian Standard AS NZS 1428.4.1 – 2009 minimum luminance contrast and anti-slip requirements for access and mobility designed to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment.