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Speed Humps Sydney

Keep Vehicle Speeds Under Control with Our Speed Humps in Sydney

We have all seen the damage speeding cars can do, which is why we provide everyone out there with an option for reliable speed humps in Sydney to help keep fast drivers at bay. Choose Clearview Tactiles and get help keeping everyone at a safer pace.

Speed Humps are manufactured from heavy duty rubber suitable for various surfaces. They Effectively reduce vehicle speed to approx 5mph.

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The Benefits of Choosing Our Team When You Need Portable Speed Humps in Sydney

When you need speed humps, you want a team that can provide the products and a range of additional benefits. Here are some of the benefits we provide to all our clients

  • We provide superior quality speed humps when compared to that of our competitors. If you need products made from durable materials, you will find none better than ours. Even better than that, you can expect a four-year warranty on all our UV resistant rubber speed humps.
  • If you are looking to save money while also getting the high-quality products you need, look no further than our stock. We have optimised every step of our production. This optimisation helps us translate overhead savings into affordable product prices on our products.
  • We have more than ten years of experience in the industry. We understand what your requirements are on any construction site and can easily help you comply with any legalities regarding speed bumps. Our experience also means we can provide suggestions or answers when you need them.
  • Our services will help you get your hands on the speed bumps you need much faster. Our production optimisation also allows us to make sure you get the fast turnaround times you need, so you do not have to wait around before you continue your work.

Getting a team that provides the benefits you require goes a long way towards making your purchases worthwhile. We provide superior quality speed bumps, superior prices, and faster turnaround times thanks to our years of industry experience. So, why not consider our equipment the next time you need rubber speed bumps?

About Us and Our Services for Reliable Temporary Speed Bumps

Our services for speed bumps in Sydney provide everything you need to secure your construction site’s vehicle speeds. Since 2010, we have recognised the necessity for these portable options that help increase construction site safety and awareness. We have helped numerous customers with our years of experience and always work to satisfy our customers with professionalism, high quality products, and unbeatable prices.

Getting the right portable options when you need speed bumps can help any working site immensely. Our products are as durable as they come. You can also move them around easily if you want to test their efficacy on different locations before buying more. If our products provide any problems, you always have a four-year warranty to lean on. Call us today and make sure your construction site complies with the necessary speed bump legalities as soon as possible.



speed humps
UV resistant rubber
As Shown
4 years (As per Clearview’s Standard Warranty)
Screw/Glue fixed




Clear Anodised


Copy the prewritten specification below and update all sections in brackets to create your project specification.


Interesting Facts About Regular and Portable Speed Bumps 

Here are some interesting facts you might not have known about speed bumps and their worldwide application to keep car speeds in check:

– Speed bumps as we know and understand them today were an invention of a renown physicist. Arthur Holly Compton recognised the potential danger from cars speeding passed Washington University – his place of work at the time – and went on to create the first speed bump. This creation had nothing to do with his field of expertise, for which he had already won a Nobel Prize. It was merely a side project.

– One can manufacture speed bumps from a surprising amount of materials. The more common materials include asphalt, concrete, rubber, metal, and even recycled plastic. Nowadays, these bumps can also be portable or fixed in location, depending on requirements.

– Speed bumps have a wide range of different names, even though they all do the same thing. Common other nicknames from various dialects include, ‘sleeping police officer’, ‘judder bar’, and ‘lomos de burro’ (meaning the donkey’s back).

– Various types of speed humps do different jobs. While some – such as ours – can reduce speed to as low as 5mph, others will only reduce speeds to around 20mph – a crucial difference to understand when you consider which you want to buy.

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